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Steve Wright, Radio 2

The Camper Van Bible. "We haven't covered most of it. This is absolutely fantastic." "There's so much in it." "There really is. And it's sparked my interest all over again."

Amazon 5 star review

The Camper Van Coast. "This is a book I would love to have been able to write. It's got humour, decent recipes and above some great tips,suggestions and comments which make you want to get in the camper and go now. Or, in my case, go and buy one in the first place. The man seems to know whats he's talking about and shares that knowledge with the right level of depth i.e. not over the top, just enough to point you in the right direction and let you have your own experience."

Mildly patronising journalist

"One Man And His Campervan’s Martin Dorey proved the perfect host for a tempting look at the Great British countryside in this sweet little ‘foodie’ programme."

Judith Woods, Mail on Sunday

The Camper Van Cookbook. "Martin, born in the stockbroker belt and a product of the staid suburbs, has reinvented himself as hunter-gathering Camper Van Man – and downshifting has never seemed so uplifting. His charmingly eccentric account of life on the road, one delicious recipe at a time, is set to become a modern outdoor classic."

Urban 75, arsehole forum
Amateur troll

One Man and his Campervan. "I agree he's wanky, but I think he's even more planky than wanky."

Tim Walker, The Independent

The Camper Van Cookbook. "The only part of the prawning process to give a faint-hearted townie pause might be scooping the lively critters from the net into a bucket by hand. But the meal you get at the end of it is well worth overcoming your squeamishness for: after half an hour or so of searching, our harvest goes into the boiling water on Dorey's portable gas hob. Once they're perfectly pinked, just a few minutes later, we dip them in a light lime juice and coriander mayonnaise that he mixed this morning: from sea to stomach in less than an hour. Prawns and mayo is just one of many blissfully simple recipes in The Camper Van Cookbook – all of which, as the title suggests, can easily be prepared in the back of a VW camper van."