Copywriting and creative

"Sell the sizzle, not the sausage".

My company, Copy Monkey, provides words and ideas for all kinds of businesses, and has done for 10 years.

The company has been involved in lots of all types of work in that time and we have worked with some of the UK's biggest names. Today we like to work with green companies with eco-conscious values that are aligned with ours. 

Our writing services include:

  • Naming products, companies, service and buildings.
  • Tag line and brand development.
  • Web copy for the likes of Pepsi, SeaLife, London Eye and World First Travel Insurance.
  • Packaging copy for Superdrug, Luscombe and others.
  • Contract publishing article writing.
  • Blog writing for World First, Campsited and others.
  • Email writing for World First, Luscombe,
  • Direct Mailer writing.