Cool Camping Cookbook. Second edition.


Cool Camping Cookbook. Second edition. Hungry? You will be when you get your lips around this. 80 fab recipes and ideas for outdoor cookery. green curry? Salsa? How to build a tripod? Bring it on!

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Cool Camping Cookbook – Over 80 delicious alfresco recipes for the campfire barbecue or stove. (second edition)

  • Second edition of  Cool Camping’s campground cookery book
  • Published by Punk, the ‘Cool Camping’ people
  • Simple, fun, delicious food for the BBQ, stove and campfire
  • Lots of how-to info on building tripods and fire pits
  • 186 pages
  • Lots of fantastic pictures and illustrations

“Looking at books like this makes me want to pack up the tent and get out there…now. Camping and cookery were always meant to be together and they cometogether beautifully in this lovely book of outdoor grub. Bon apetit!”

Martin Dorey

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