Cool Camping Britain


Cool Camping Britain. Second edition. The newly updated Cool Camping for campsites in Britain. Camping at its best, from Cornwall to the north of Scotland. Looking for a cool campsite? This is it.

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Product Description

Cool Camping Britain – A hand-picked selection of exceptional campsites (second edition)

  • Second edition of the ever popular ‘Cool Camping’ guides.
  • Published by Punk, the ‘Cool Camping’ people
  • Brilliant campsites all over the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland
  • Essential guides to the UK’s best, hand-picked camping spots
  • 352 pages
  • Lots of fantastic pictures and illustrations

“Some of my fave sites are here, as well as a few I have yet to discover. Let Cool Camping guide your adventures on your holidays this year… they know a good campsite when they see one…”

Martin Dorey

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