Who am I?

Hello. I am a writer, surfer and camper van owner.

I am also someone who loves books, partly because books mean adventures. My own books, The Camper Van Cookbook, The Camper Van Coast and The Camper Van Bible, have taken me to all kinds of brilliant and interesting places because writing them (and I hope reading them too) was all about getting out and doing stuff. It even got me on TV with my BBC 2 series 'One Man and his Campervan'.

So I hope that the books I have selected for my BOOK SHOP will be the kind of books that will inspire you too. There is nothing like jumping off a waterfall into a deep, dark pool or cooking great food in the great out doors. In the between times we may have to work, pick up the kids or sit through another day at the office but it will never stop us planning and dreaming. And that's what my books - and my choice of books - are all about.

I live in Bude, Cornwall, in a little flat by the sea with a kitchen garden and Kip Van Winkle the VW Type 5 California camper van. My kids Maggie (14) and Charlie (12) live up the road. I work from the spare room where I write about VW's, camping, food, fun and simple pleasures. I am a judge for The Caravan and Motorhome Club's Motorcaravan design awards and occasionally cook for them at events. I write for all kinds of brands, publications and periodicals and am a regular contributor to Campervan Magazine, Motorhome and Motorcaravan Monthly, Coast Magazine and Camping Magazine. I also write a regular column in The Caravan and Motorhome Club' Magazine.

You can commission me to write for you. Just get in touch.

I am also a trained Barista, a qualified RNLI Beach Lifeguard, a PADI Drysuit Diver and hold a current Cycling Proficiency Badge (from 1978).

I love tea.



Special skills...

I am a writer first and foremost. This is because writing - creating something from nothing - is the source of all the work I do, irrespective of whether or not it's taking pictures, making videos or blogging on behalf of clients. After being a professional writer for almost 15 years I am still stoked that it's possible to be such a thing.
I love taking pictures and always have, although I had a few years off between shooting on negative and transparency and shooting on digital. But once I started researching and writing The Camper Van Cookbook I knew I couldn't turn back.
Before becoming a writer I worked in the film business. Before that I went to film school. Before that I worked in a video shop and helped out on shoots. Since the age of digital has made filmmaking easier and more accessible I have been really enjoying it. I loved making my series "Capture the Action" for Adorama.

What gets me up in the morning...

Surf, mostly. But also the fact that I often have to get my girls on the school bus. After that it's into the office. If there's surf I slack off. Unless, of course it's something I have to do for you today, in which case I get right down to it.

The things I say...

Had a bad day? Get in the sea. Go out side. Get off the sofa. Clean up a bit. Leave it nicer. For goodness' sake close that cupboard door.